Board & Officers

2022-2023 Club Officers

President – Beverly Frost

President-Elect – Annie Simpson

Secretary – Bobby Creech

Treasurer – Shawn Gaffin

Foundation Chair – Kenny Johnson

Immediate Past President – Sebastian van Delden

Executive Secretary – Carroll Schweers

2022-2023 Club Committee Chairs

Membership – Jason Duncan

Public Image – Karl Hudson

Service Projects – Christina Arnold and DeWitt Zemp

Club Administration – Paul Schwartz

Fundraising – Rick Moore and L.S. Carper

Programs – Eddie Buxton

Fellowship – Sylvia Rivers and Brooke Allison

Grants – Dale Poulnot

Ambassadorial Scholars: Andy Parker

Youth Exchange – Dan Daniel and Bryson Young

Rotaract/Interact: Christine Arnold

2022-2023 Supporting Club Officers

Long Range Planning – Matt Johnson

Speaker Gifts – Elliotte Quinn

Bulletin: Walker Avant

CART Liaison – William Stroud

Football Raffle – Eddie Buxton